Charlotte Shane is the pseudonymous identity of a writer and prostitute living in the United States. Links to her writing for Playboy, Salon, The New Inquiry, and more are below. She can be reached at charlotte at charlotteshane.com and found on twitter. Weekly letters may be obtained by signing up here.


Bob’s Burgers is the Most Sex-Positive Show on TV — Salon

Breaking Bad’s Most Powerful Drug Was Money — Salon

Cranky 18th Century Johns — Jezebel

Downward-Facing Drones — The New Inquiry

End Comes Too Soon — La Logique Assassinée

Getting Away With Hating It: Consent in the Context of Sex Work — Tits and Sass

If You Can’t Accept Facts, You Can’t Be An Ally — Feministing

In Defense of Faking it — Playboy

Invisible Sex Workers — Jacobin

JulianComing And Crying

Liberal Dude Erotica — The Toast

Live Through This — The New Inquiry

A Motion to Abolish 69 — Adult

One-Dimensional Woman — The New Inquiry

Pantyhose Years — The Toast

The Professional — GMP

The Story of My Hair Extensions — The Toast

Study Abroad — The New Inquiry

Swoon Review — Bookforum

Terrifying Children’s Movies — The Gloss

To All the Girls… — Salon

(Various) — Tits and Sass

The Ways We Don’t Talk About Wealth — The New Inquiry

When Money Doesn’t Matter — The Billfold

Wrong Ways To Eat — The New Inquiry

Your Story Already Sucks: An Open Letter to Tourist Journalists — Tits and Sass

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