Charlotte Shane is a pseudonym but some of my friends call me Charo anyway. My writing for Matter, The Hairpin, Deadspin, Salon, The New Inquiry, and other outlets is linked below. I can be reached at charlotte at charlotteshane.com and found on twitter as well as tumblr. Sporadic, overly personal letters can be obtained by signing up here.

Apocalypse Baby Review — Bookforum

A Blue Rush: Discussing “Bluets” — The Hairpin

Bob’s Burgers is the Most Sex-Positive Show on TV — Salon

Breaking Bad’s Most Powerful Drug Was Money — Salon

Cranky 18th Century Johns — Jezebel

Downward-Facing Drones — The New Inquiry

Getting Away With Hating It: Consent in the Context of Sex Work — Tits and Sass

Hot Girls Wanted — Matter

How Not To Suck At Kissing – Deadspin

How To Hire A Sex Worker — Deadspin

If You Can’t Accept Facts, You Can’t Be An Ally — Feministing

In Defense of Faking it — Playboy

Invisible Sex Workers — Jacobin

JulianComing And Crying

Liberal Dude Erotica — The Toast

Lina Lamont Dances For No One — The Hairpin

Live Through This — The New Inquiry

A Motion to Abolish 69 — Adult

Me, Myself, and Charlotte — The Kernel

It’s National Poetry Month — The New Republic

One-Dimensional Woman — The New Inquiry

Pantyhose Years — The Toast

Poems Texted To Friends — The Hairpin

The Professional — GMP

The Story of My Hair Extensions — The Toast

Study Abroad — The New Inquiry

Swoon Review — Bookforum

Terrifying Children’s Movies — The Gloss

Threesomes Can Be Fun — Deadspin

To All the Girls… — Salon

The Ways We Don’t Talk About Wealth — The New Inquiry

What My Breast Implants Taught Me… — Racked

When Money Doesn’t Matter — The Billfold

Wrong Ways To Eat — The New Inquiry

Your Story Already Sucks: An Open Letter to Tourist Journalists — Tits and Sass

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